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After a dramatic morning, Dr. Grayson loads everyone onto a bus for an unexpected field trip back to Philadelphia. Before he presents the next challenge, he takes everyone on a long walk.

"I think when people are really tired and exhausted, it does break down their defenses in a way where they'll open up," Dr. Grayson says.

Finally, they arrive at an alley where a revolting obstacle awaits them. What's worse than dirty floors and public toilets? A city trash bin. Kate describes the stench emitting from the garbage as a mix of vomit, old food and cat feces. And Dr. Grayson wants his six patients to touch the inside and then lick their fingers!

The sight of the bin makes Brian visibly ill. "Brian can barely look inside the garbage can," Dr. Oz says. "I can't say I blame him. It's absolutely revolting."

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To show his patients there's nothing to fear, Dr. Grayson steps up to the can and places his palms against the gritty surface. Then, he wipes his hands on his clothes and face and licks his fingers.

Brian's not ready to face his fears, so Kate approaches the trash bin first. She follows Dr. Grayson's lead and puts her hands inside. Then, she passes the test by touching her fingertips to her tongue. "That is just the most disgusting thing," she says. "I am completely repulsed."

When it's finally Brian's turn, he starts slowly by tapping his fingers against the side of the garbage can. Dr. Grayson coaxes him along by reminding him how OCD has affected his life. "You've been through hell for a whole lot of years. You've lost all of the things that are dear to you," he says. "I really want you to try to think about those things."

After some hesitation, Brian's hands make full contact. He completes the challenge by putting his hands in his mouth. "I actually felt like I could almost faint when I had to put my hands in there," he says. "I just was trying to block out what was going on and what was in there. I still can't shake it. I feel disgusting."
FROM: Dr. Oz Goes to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Camp
Published on May 30, 2008
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