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April's anxiety may seem irrational to some, but Dr. Grayson says we all have learned fears that cause us to take unnecessary precautions.

"How would you feel if I gave you a poisoned pill, and you were afraid that you had 20 minutes or so before it gets you? ... If I'm pretty sure I'm going to die in 20 minutes, I think I'd want to throw up," Dr. Grayson says. "Think of how many things we do just in case. New mothers, they check their babies before they go to bed. The baby's going to be fine, but we do it just in case, even though we're going to go to sleep afterward. Who knows what happens then."

Dr. Oz says mental anguish can also make someone like April feel physically ill. "The intestinal system has as many nerves as your spine does," he says. "When you get sick emotionally, you get sick viscerally in your gut, as well. That's why you get nervous and you vomit sometimes."

Looking back, April says she believes her nausea was brought on by her imagination. "[I thought] I swallowed something that was getting me sick," she says. "I wanted to throw up because I wanted to feel better."
FROM: Dr. Oz Goes to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Camp
Published on May 30, 2008
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