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Lisa Salters told Jason's story on ESPN's show E:60—and its power transcended even beyond those who received his organs.

David Wielhouwer says when he first got his driver's license, his brother, Dan, told him it was a great idea to be an organ donor. "He said, 'When you die, you can't take your body with you, but you can help someone else,'" David says.

When David saw the report about Jason on ESPN, he called Dan to tell him to watch it. Two weeks later, 39-year-old Dan passed away in his sleep. "My last conversation with my brother was about Jason Ray," David says. "My brother was so adamant about me being a donor when I was a kid. So Dan watched the show, and we talked the next day. He was inspired by the show as well."

David says Dan's wife, Christa, first told the family that his tissue, organs and eyes would be donated. The family wondered if they were making the right decision—then David remembered Jason's story. "Giving the gift of life is such a great thing, and it's an inspiration to everybody," he says. "What you do on earth can live forever."

David and Dan's father, Daniel Sr., says he and his wife, Deanna, are organ donors, and they encouraged their sons to do the same. Daniel Sr. says he is proud of Jason's parents and their decision. "We just appreciate you giving this opportunity that life could go on and that everybody has that chance," he says. "Eventually, we'll have eternal life in heaven and be with our son."
FROM: Medical Miracles: A Dr. Oz Report
Published on March 14, 2008


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