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"We're going to start with what is undoubtedly the number one topic men want to know about—the penis," Dr. Oz says. First, he has Dean, the show's stage manager, read an anonymous e-mail:

"Dear Dr. Oz: When the girl I was seeing excitedly sat on my lap, I heard a painful pop and immediately felt intense pain. I now have five scarred rings at the base of my penis. I'm unable to achieve a full erection, and when my girlfriend and I are making love, I don't feel anything. What should I do?"

To get an answer, Dr. Oz calls on Dr. Ray Callas, an anesthesiologist from Texas. "Probably the only man in America brave enough to admit that he broke his penis," Dr. Oz says. Dr. Callas explains that just as he was getting ready to go fishing in 2004, his wife told him that she was ovulating and that it was time to have sex.

"To make a long story short, we proceed. I'm not happy about it because there's no romance to it. It was just a mission that she wanted to accomplish," he says. "We get there, we started doing the intercourse and the next thing you know, I feel a pop."

That pop, Dr. Oz explains, was a rupture. "Imagine the penis is like a sausage. Now, if you get a running start at the person you love and you miss, you push this penis into something hard, it can crack. … So physicians will actually take a little stitch and close up that little hole that you've made."

Dr. Callas rushed to emergency room for surgery. Was it successful? "It was so successful that I have two kids," he says.
FROM: 300 Men Ask Dr. Oz
Published on June 24, 2009
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