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Very few men in the audience admit to having a facial, but Dr. Oz says that facials aren't just for women! "I actually got a facial a couple months ago in Las Vegas," Dr. Oz says. "Actually, it's pretty cool." The skin is exfoliated to allow younger skin to come through, resulting in a great glow.

Extra points for the men who don't wash their faces every day! "The other thing that men don't think about very much is how we actually keep our faces clean. And you don't want to wash your face every day. That's a mistake. If you're working under an engine, go ahead. But if not, don't."

To keep your hands from chapping and cracking, Dr. Oz gets down to the source of the problem. "What generates a lot of the dryness is we don't have enough of the omega-3 fatty acids in our bodies," Dr. Oz says. Omega-3s are found in a variety of sources, including flaxseed oil, walnuts and oily fish such as salmon. "That helps take care of some of that scaling skin that a lot of us have," he says. "Hand cream obviously helps a little bit, depending on the job that you have."
FROM: 300 Men Ask Dr. Oz
Published on June 24, 2009
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