Is It Your...

Professional Life

Getting fired, retirement, working more than 40 hours a week, business or work role change, change in responsibilities at work, trouble with your boss, change in work hours or conditions, problems with a co-worker

Personal Life

Death of a spouse, divorce, separation from living partner, death of close family member other than spouse, marriage or establishing a life partner, marital or relationship reconciliation, gaining new family member, death of a close friend, change in number of arguments with spouse or life partner, trouble with in-laws or with children, spouse begins or stops work, change in living conditions (visitors in the home, change in roommates, remodeling house), moving to a new residence, change in frequency of family get-togethers

Physical and Emotional Stress

Menopause, serious personal injury or illness, change in personal habits (diet, exercise, smoking, etc.), change in health of immediate family member, pregnancy or causing pregnancy, sexual difficulties, sleep less than eight hours a night, chronic allergies, presently in pre-menstrual period

Financial Stress

Change in financial state, mortgage or loan for a major purpose, foreclosure of mortgage or loan, minor financial loan

Societal Pressures

Change in social activities (more or less than before), outstanding personal achievement, change in religious activities, legal issues, minor violation of the law, probation or jail term 

Seasonal Stress

Begin or end of school, vacation, winter, holiday season