Dr. Mehmet Oz
Medications, toxins and alcohol are just some of the things pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers may expose themselves to without realizing the negative effects these substances can have on their babies. Dr. Oz talks with Dr. Gideon Koren, author of The Complete Guide to Everyday Risks in Pregnancy and Breastfeeding, who answers some of women's most common questions about pregnancy:

Before I found out I was pregnant I drank alcohol. Is my baby at risk for fetal alcohol syndrome?
"There is no correlation between mild drinking before you [knew you] got pregnant and fetal alcohol disorder," Dr. Koren says. However, he says continuing to drink during pregnancy is one of the worst things women can do to their unborn children.

I have morning sickness and need relief. Will an over-the-counter or natural remedy hurt my baby?
Dr. Koren says ginger has been proven as a mild natural remedy to ease morning sickness and small amounts of non offensive food can also help women fend off vomiting. For women who get so sick they cannot get out of bed, Dr. Koren says a combination of an antihistamines and vitamin B-6 can help. Before you take such a remedy, Dr. Koren says you should talk with your own doctor about exact dosage.

I want to paint the nursery before my baby arrives. Is it safe to be around paint fumes?
Dr. Koren says he usually weighs on the side of safety and tells women to have the baby's father paint the room. "In all fairness, if a woman is painting a room and she didn't know she was pregnant, that is not exposure to cause harm to a baby," he says. In general, Dr. Koren says most household products and cleaners don't emit a lot of fumes and are not toxic to unborn babies.