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Like an estimated 28 million Americans, Peggy visits tanning booths. She says she's been going to them for 23 years, as often as five times a week. "I always love to be tan," she says. "I love the feeling, the coloring, the way I look. It's part of how I envision myself. I don't even know my natural skin color anymore because I've been tan for so long."

Dr. Oz says Peggy is addicted to tanning. While there is some amount of sun that is healthy, Peggy's exposure goes far beyond that amount. "Think of the skin like a cup," Dr. Oz says. "You fill it up with water, being the sunlight. The sun brings you life-sustaining nourishment. It's your ally. When you fill it too far, it begins to overflow. And I think you've reached that limit."

So after years of excessive tanning, Dr. Oz arranged for Peggy to have her first ever skin cancer screening with dermatologist Dr. Brandith Irwin. "I'm probably like a poster child for someone who needs to go to the dermatologist and hasn't," Peggy says.
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Published on January 01, 2006


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