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Jason is backand 70 pounds lighter! Jason says he read Dr. Oz's book, You on a Diet, to help him develop a healthier lifestyle. "I wouldn't even call it a diet," Jason says. "I learned how to self-educate myself on how to eat properly. Everybody knows you shouldn't eat the fast food and the candy, but what I didn't know was white bread. I switched to whole wheat, and a lot of things like that just help your metabolism speed up. And instead of candy at night, I eat fruit. I have more energy."

Dr. Oz has great news for Jason. "You're not a diabetic anymore, and you're not hypertensive anymore," Dr. Oz says. "The big story is these are reversible diseases. I just want to shout out to Karen, because that's the woman who saved your life."

What about Jason's snoring problem? Jason had an operation performed on his septum to control his sleep apnea, but his doctor found something unexpected. "We thought it was really nothing, a cyst, and we took it out. It turned out to be cancer," Dr. Josephson says.

Fortunately for Jason, Dr. Josephson was able to catch the cancer before it grew. "This is the kind of stuff we're talking about," Dr. Oz says. "You can change your health destiny. Those are not pretty cancers when they grow."

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Published on January 01, 2006


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