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Dr. Oz shows an animation to demonstrate how breast cancer forms and why mammograms and breast exams are so critical. "There are about 15 or 20 lobes in an average breast. And they have lobules in them. The lobules make the milk that feeds and nourishes the child. And the milk goes from the lobule to the nipple via these ducts. Those ducts become the roads that are so important in transferring the milk. But they also can be the source of cancer."

Dr. Oz says that 85 percent of all breast cancer happens in those ducts. "But if you look inside the duct when the cancer is first beginning to start, it stays there for a while. It doesn't break through these walls like that. It takes a while to do that. If you can find the cancer when it's early, you can take it out and it's done."

What you don't want, Dr. Oz says, is for cancer to spread to the lymph nodes and beyond. "The key is to get that cancer before it penetrates through the wall. If you find it then, it's a done deal," he says. "You have a baseline defense systeman immune system. You want to help it, but it can only defend you for so long."
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Published on January 01, 2006


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