Dr. Joseph gives Sandra a breast exam.

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Dr. Oz takes Sandra to meet his colleague, Dr. Kathie-Ann Joseph, a breast surgeon at New York-Presbyterian Columbia Hospital. "You should be congratulated for coming in today," Dr. Joseph says. "I see dozens of women come in every day into my office, and they're just like you, so you're not alone."

Dr. Joseph begins the breast exam by checking Sandra's breasts for irregularities. "I'm checking all parts of the breast," Dr. Joseph says. "We sort of divide the breast into what we call quadrants. Divide it like a clock into fourths."

The breast exam goes well and Dr. Joseph gives Sandra the good news. "Your exam was fine. I didn't feel anything abnormal. Your lymph nodes were clear. I didn't feel any lumps."

Next, Sandra is given her first mammogram while Dr. Joseph urges her to relax. "Even if you hit me over the head I wouldn't be able to relax," Sandra says. "I'll feel better when I know everything's okay."
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Published on January 01, 2006