Maya Angelou
In recent years, Dr. Angelou says the African-American community has gained some role models in the form of cancer survivors who encourage breast and prostate cancer screenings and prevention. "This incredible massive attack on the human being in recent years at one time so frightened us that we wouldn't even say cancer—we would say the c-word," she says. "At last we've matured enough to call it by its proper name—it is cancer."

Dr. Angelou talks with actor Sidney Poitier about his personal experience with prostate cancer and his effort to educate others about preventing and detecting the disease. She also talks with Dr. David Albala, a surgeon from Duke University who specializes in prostate cancer, about new research and treatments for the disease. Then, Atlanta TV news anchor JaQuitta Williams shares her story of surviving breast cancer and her doctor, Dr. Rogsbert Phillips, talks about breast cancer treatments.
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