Cancel out cancer
While a wide-open frontier of medicine is finding cures for cancers, our job in the meantime is to avoid getting them in the first place. Of course, genetics plays a large role, but that doesn't mean that you're simply a card in a game of cancerous blackjack. Luck doesn't determine everything; in fact, we'd argue that you have enough control to make sure it doesn't. The main thing you can do to decrease your chances of cancer is reducing the repetitive injury to your normal cells—so that there's less chance that p53 will make a mistake and allow cancers to kill off a weakened but necessary cell, and then grow and spread.

How do you do that? By being aware and taking steps to protect yourself against major agers like toxins, infections, mitochondrial damage from free oxygen radicals, and genetic defects. In addition, take these seven steps to help prevent the birth (and spread) of cancer cells.

The 7 things you can do now to prevent cancer
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