Dr. Katz
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Probably not, says David L. Katz, MD, author of The Way to Eat (Sourcebooks). While there's good evidence you can wean yourself from high-fat foods, getting over the love of sugar is like dyeing your hair platinum blonde: Your true color just keeps coming through. But you can feed your sweet tooth without packing on pounds:

Draft Ironclad Rules of Indulgence
Pick one time of day or a day of the week when you'll allow yourself a treat or dessert. Then obey your rule the way you do a speed limit with a cop car in view.

Avoid Foods with Hidden Sugar to Free Up Calories for the Foods You Love
Does ketchup (1 teaspoon of sugar per tablespoon) really satisfy your sweet tooth? Bottled salad dressing (almost 2 teaspoons per 4 tablespoons of Ranch)? A can of orange soda (13 teaspoons)?

Keep Only Low-Fat Treats in the Freezer
Desserts end up on your hips because they carry lots of calorie-laden fat. "Sure, chocolate sorbet doesn't taste as good as full-fat ice cream," says Katz, "but it tastes a lot better when you don't have the other to compare it to."

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