8 No-Brainer Tricks to Save Around 100 Calories in a Day
Trust us, you'll never miss them.
Standing while eating
Treat Monday Lunch Like Friday Happy Hour
Studies show that people who eat in front of their computers consume more calories, feel less full and are hungry again sooner than usual. Janis Jibrin, Best Life's lead nutritionist, suggests stepping away from your desk and eating with a friend—even better, choosing a bistro or a bar with high-top tables and giving your stools to other patrons. Standing burns 40 percent more calories than sitting, and Jibrin says there's no medical reason you shouldn't eat on your feet. If you take a similar approach at breakfast and drink your coffee while standing (that's how the Italians do it) and then spend 30 minutes checking your email out of your seat, you'll trim about 100 total calories from your day.