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We'd like to thank Boot Camp member "adijen" for her "commandments" that she contributed to the message board. They've been an inspiration to many members! Let it continue to inspire you on your health journey.

"The other night I was thinking how much I've missed out on being fat. I think we all need to repeat these things to ourselves, because far too often we settle for less, thinking we are not good enough for a better life. … So for all my Boot Camp friends out there, enjoy!"

— andijen
  1. I do deserve to have a strong and healthy body.
  2. I do deserve to make all the time I need for myself.
  3. I do deserve to be nurtured and loved for everything I am.
  4. I do deserve a life free of lethargy, sluggishness and hopelessness.
  5. I do deserve to look stunning!
  6. I do deserve to free myself of negative people who seek only to cause me harm.
  7. I do deserve wonderful positive people who encourage me to be the best me I can be!
  8. I do deserve to eat for reasons of nutrition and not self medication.
  9. I do deserve to be admired and stared at because I am a beautiful woman.
  10. I do deserve to be strong throughout my life with a commitment to health and spirit.
Posted by: andijen
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