Body therapy
While Western medicine is built on how to treat symptoms, global integrated medicine takes a slightly different approach. Instead of a primary interest in addressing symptoms as they arise, the concern shifts toward promoting health, avoiding future problems and natural treatments.

Many patients view various types of massage, chiropractic and other movement-centered therapies as cures for aches and pains. But, in fact, these treatments go beyond those immediate needs and focus on preventing the aches from coming back—that's why some massages can leave you hurting more than you did before you started!

Another movement-centered therapy, yoga, trains your mind and body to function together in top form. Nutrition-based therapies work in a similar way. Eating a healthy diet of unprocessed foods and minimal animal-based protein keeps you healthy. And herbal remedies—increasingly popular in the West—tap into thousands of years of human knowledge to stave off illness or treat it as it arises.

You are what you eat with nutrition therapies.

Is the answer in herbal medicine?

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