9 Habits of People Who Love the Weight They're At
They're healthy—but not stick-skinny. They eat well—most of the time. And while they don't love shopping for a swimsuit, they're totally fine with being spotted wearing one.
be confident
They never just say no.
And they never say, "I can't," either. When researchers studied the different ways in which women refuse temptation, they found that those who reported that they say "I don't" are not only more likely to keep their resolve, but they also reported feeling stronger senses of autonomy, control and self-awareness. In the study, published in the Journal of Consumer Research, the researchers concluded that saying "I can't" makes us feel deprived—and when red velvet cupcakes and deprivation go head-to-head, we all know who wins. On the other hand, the women in the study who reported that they say "I don't" reported feeling so empowered that some kept using this strategy after the study ended.