Running on the beach is great exercise.
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Walking or Jogging in the Sand
If you're used to walking on the treadmill or around your neighborhood, why not take a drive down (or walk, if you live close enough) to the beach and do your walk or jog there? You'll burn twice the calories in the sand! If you're going to be jogging in the sand, make sure to wear good sneakers both for support and for protection against abrasion. And remember that dry sand provides a much more challenging workout than the wet, hard sand near the water. Increase the time you spend in the dry sand slowly because it puts much more stress on the legs, especially the calves.

If you'd rather play than stroll or jog, pick up a Frisbee and learn some new tricks with a friend—or, if you have enough for two teams, start a game of Ultimate Frisbee. Don't know the rules? Check out for more info. An hour of tossing a Frisbee will burn 155 calories—note that all calorie calculations in this article are for a 170-pound person—while also helping to improve your agility and coordination. If you play the more rough-and-tumble version of Ultimate Frisbee, you can torch up to 545 calories.

Beach Volleyball
This sport is not just for Olympic athletes. In fact, you can make small adjustments so people of all skill levels can play. For example, instead of using a standard volleyball, try a beach ball to make the game slower and easier. You can play with two people or whole teams; use the number of people playing to determine the size of your court—the more people, the bigger the court. Then simply draw a line in the sand. An hour of bumping, setting and spiking will help you melt away 545 calories.