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In all, Ali has lost 109 pounds. How does she keep it off? Diet and exercise, of course.

Five days a week, Ali says she hits the gym. She starts her workout routine with 20 to 30 minutes on the stair-climber. "This just raises my heart rate, gets it going right from the get-go to start my workout," she says.

Next, she works her upper body on the rowing machine. She does 10 minutes in both directions, which keeps her arms toned. "I have to look at my body as a true example of how I feel on the inside. This 234 pounds felt weird. It felt uncomfortable. It felt foreign. It felt like it wasn't me," she says. "This feels like it's me. I feel like this is who I was supposed to be."

She may not abide by every one of Bob and Jillian's rules, but Ali does stick to a low-calorie, high-protein diet. For breakfast, she eats two protein waffles with sugar-free syrup, which is about 180 calories.

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At lunchtime, Ali makes a sandwich loaded with cucumbers, tomatoes and alfalfa sprouts. "I measure and weigh everything. Portion size is crucial," she says. "I think that's where people make mistakes."

Ali says she didn't go on The Biggest Loser just to lose weight. "It was about living the life that I knew I was meant to live," she says. " It was about showing the world who I knew I was inside."
FROM: Weight Loss Secrets of the "Biggest Losers"
Published on October 30, 2008


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