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Before going on The Biggest Loser, Roger ate a whopping 9,750 calories a day. For breakfast, he'd have a stack of pancakes, toast, grits, bacon and an omelet. "I feel like I was carbo-loading to get through the day to eat my lunch," he says.

To wash down breakfast, Roger drank milk—and lots of soda. "I'd always say, 'Bring me the biggest glass. I want the adult portion,'" he says.

A family-size candy bar tided Roger over until lunch, when he would hit a buffet. "I played football. So there's four quarters in a game, right? First quarter. Second quarter. Third quarter. Fourth quarter," he says. "That's how I would eat, and that's how I did it. ... They'd say, 'No, you can't come in here [any] more.'"

For dinner, he would eat an entire box of hamburger casserole. "They'd ask for milk when you make it, and I would use cream because I wanted it thicker," he says. "Believe it or not, my cholesterol and my heart and my blood pressure were good. The diabetes wasn't very good."

After dinner, Roger says he used to eat an entire sleeve of cookies with some milk—while watching The Biggest Loser!
FROM: Weight Loss Secrets of the "Biggest Losers"
Published on October 30, 2008