The Big Weigh In

Tracy eats out nearly 10 times per week and is often "too busy" to work out. Her goal is to be healthy despite her busy schedule.
Get to know Tracy.

A self-described emotional eater, Melissa turns to food for comfort. Now, she plans to take the challenge "one day at a time!"
Get to know Melissa.

A health club owner, Bill says he shouldn't be overweight. His challenge is to beat his food addiction and get his life back.
Get to know Bill.

Her family's known for their famous hips, but LaToya wants a new image. She must shed her exercise phobia in order to succeed.
Get to know LaToya.

Barbara says her life has always been unbalanced. A divorce almost broke her spirit, but now, she welcomes a weight loss challenge.
Get to know Barbara.

Tori once appreciated her curvy shape, but now she admits she needs a healthy change and wants to feel more confident.
Get to know Tori.