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Oprah says she knows firsthand the importance of Step 6. Find a health advocate . In the midst of her recent thyroid scare , she says she had issues with sleeplessness, blood pressure, heart palpitations and leg swelling. So she went to visit her doctor. Then another doctor. And another. And another. "By the time I'd been to the fourth doctor, I was on heart medication, I was on blood pressure medication and for heart palpitations," she says. "But still not sleeping."

Frustrated, Oprah went to see Dr. Roizen at the Cleveland Clinic. After seeing so many doctors who did not listen to all Oprah's questions and symptoms, Dr. Roizen assembled several doctors to consider all the facts. "You listened to your body," Dr. Roizen says. "You felt your body wasn't feeling as good as it should be, so you kept asking questions."

"What Mike did for you was be your health advocate," Dr. Oz says. "When you're under the stress of all these diagnoses coming at you, you can't always process this information accurately. Get someone who's been there before whom you trust and make them your partner in this process."

Dr. Oz says a health advocate can be anyone—your spouse, child, relative or friend. "Bring someone who's actually going to pay attention and understands the process and takes notes," he says.

Who is going to be your health advocate?
FROM: Best Life Week: Dr. Oz and the Ultimate Health Checklist
Published on June 17, 2009
As a reminder, always consult your doctor for medical advice and treatment before starting any program.


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