How Doing Improv or the Merengue Can Make You Better
The best part about tapping into your artistic side isn't necessarily the novel or sketch. It's what the creative process does for body, mind and soul.
creative process
It Defuses Performance Anxiety
Improvisation—making up something, anything, new on the fly—is anxiety-reducing, finds a study of young musicians who had butterflies in their stomachs and lumps in their throats before a performance. All that worry, self-doubt and all-or-nothing thinking vanished when artists got to express themselves "off the page." In that thinking-but-not-thinking, non-judging moment (which may also apply to improv comedy, expressive dance and other ad-libbed artistic performances), you don't have the bandwidth to be anxious about what your audience thinks (nor do they usually have set expectations). Your mind is in a better, freer place.