Ask Dr. Christiane Northrup

Is there a Viagra® for women?
First up is Shirley from Illinois. "They have Viagra for men," she says. "Don't they have anything for women?"

The answer is no. "The reason they don't have Viagra for women is because for women, sex is multi-modal and it involves your emotions and your feelings and all of that stuff," she says. "This is Viagra for women—turn yourself on to life. I want you to think of the things that bring you the most joy, that give you the most turn on. It might be funny movies. It might be romance novels."

Dr. Northrup also says all women should practice "self-cultivation", an alternative word for masturbation. "You can learn how to rewire yourself for maximum pleasure by connecting all the erogenous zones in your body down to your clitoris and you practice," she says. "I'd prescribe three 30-minute sessions a week minimum, and once you're good at it, you can invite someone else in."

If you're still having trouble getting turned on, Dr. Northrup says to talk to your doctor and look into getting your testosterone and estrogen levels checked. If you have dryness, Dr. Northrup says a lubrication gel or estrogen cream can help. "Sunlight will often turn a woman on, by the way, because it increases testosterone levels," she says. "Not a lot, just a little bit, and it increases serotonin in your brain."