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How can I revive my sex life after a hysterectomy?
Jeanine's daughter, Jill, also has a question for Dr. Northrup. "I had a hysterectomy several years ago and it changed my sex life forever," she says. "I wouldn't have done it if I'd known the change it was gonna make in me. ... [Dr. Northrup] talked earlier about a lot of it's in our head."

It's not all in your head, Dr. Northrup tells Jill. "You're going along and you've got some nice estrogen and testosterone, which is the hormone of desire," she says. "And then you have your surgery. Boom. It's all gone. And you think that's in your head? No. It's not."

Jill can work on getting some of her sex drive back by practicing self-cultivation, Dr. Northrup says. Another exercise that can help her get it back is called chi kung. "Chi kung is where you use your mind to increase energy flow to the body," she says.

Watch Dr. Northrup demonstrate chi kung and try it at home!Watch

"Here's the thing. You feel like something's missing there. Right?" Dr. Northrup says. "So I want you to know that you can use your mind and your breath to energize. Send a big ball of energy down here. Because you know what? They didn't take away your clitoris."
FROM: Ask Dr. Christiane Northrup
Published on March 14, 2008