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When will night sweats end?
Every woman over a certain age knows about night sweats, including audience member Jeanine. "I'm 76 and I'm still having night sweats. When does it end? When you get in the casket?"

Dr. Northrup says not to worry—she still has them, too! "Have you ever done like a juice fast or any kind of detox or whatever? Because I think your body is detoxing something to get that wet like that," she says. "People do that after they've had a baby. Any of you had a baby and noticed you had night sweats for a long time? It's like how you detox after a baby. Your body's throwing off old toxins and trying to have you stay really healthy."

Jeanine tells Dr. Northrup she was recently diagnosed with diabetes. "Well, that's interesting. It could be related to your blood sugar," she says. "Blood sugar will cause all kinds of problems like that. All kinds of things that don't seem to be related to it. I'll be very interested to see what happens when you get your blood sugar under control."
FROM: Ask Dr. Christiane Northrup
Published on March 14, 2008