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Next are Nick and his father, James.

"If you really knew me, you'd know I've been overweight ever since I can remember," Nick says. "I had an asthma attack on the court playing basketball in a tournament and after that, my basketball coach cut me because I was a health risk. Since I got cut, I didn't have anything to fill that gap of time that I had on my hands, so I just kind of sat around and ate all day."

James goes next. "If you really knew me, you'd know that it really hurts me to see him struggle. It makes me feel like I'm a failure," he says. "Being a single dad, you try to balance work and you try to be there for your kids, and it's been more about being at work trying to make ends meet than being there for him. It should have never gotten to this point."

James says the session with Rich and Yvonne has changed his relationship with Nick for good. "A lot of things that had been hidden, been kept down. You just go through everyday life and just try to make ends meet. You think it's not a problem—you're going to address it tomorrow—and before you know it, he's grown," he says. "I feel like this whole process that we went through brought my son and I closer together."
FROM: Obese Families in Crisis: The Intervention
Published on January 26, 2009
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