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Rich and Yvonne's next revealing exercise starts by finishing the statement, "If you really knew me..."

"If you really knew me, you'd know that I hate myself and everything about me," Jillian says. "And if you really knew me, you'd know that when I come home from school, I go in my room and I go to sleep because I'd rather be sleeping than awake because I hate my life and everything about me."

Jillian's mom, Nancy, goes next. "If you really knew me, you'd know how much it breaks my heart when my girls go to school and they come home and they don't want to go anywhere or do anything. They just want to go to their rooms. I try to hide the pain that they're having just by giving them more and more and more and more. Trying to make them happy."
FROM: Obese Families in Crisis: The Intervention
Published on January 26, 2009
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