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Most of the teens have experienced teasing and ridicule because of their weight and worry about what their peers are saying about them behind their back. "People look at my outer layers," Christian says. "And not my inner beauty and don't recognize what's on my inside and automatically judge me because of my weight."

Jessica says she knows that people talk about her behind her back because of what happened to her after a party she attended. Jessica's best friend posted a photo from a party on the Internet, and a girl posted a nasty comment about her. Jessica's friend refused to take the photo down or even remove the comment from the website. "The other girl, she didn't even really know me. So I don't know why she would make a comment like that," Jessica says. "There was no reason for it. No need for it."

When Jillian is out in public, she worries that people are judging her if they see her eating something. "It's just you're constantly thinking you're just not as good as anyone else," she says. "There are days when I won't eat anything because I just feel like I don't deserve to eat anything."

Stephanie L. uses food to comfort herself when she feels stressed or is frustrated. "When I eat," she says, "it makes me feel calmer and it's like a never-ending cycle of emotions and food and comfort."
FROM: Obese Families in Crisis: The Intervention
Published on January 26, 2009
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