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To help this group of teenagers express their inner anger, Yvonne and Rich had them complete the "I'm angry that..." exercise. Jillian is the first to bravely share her feelings. "You cannot do this wrong," Yvonne says.

With her parents, Nancy and Matthew, sitting nearby, Jillian starts. "I'm angry that I can never be as good as my sister," she says. "I'm angry that I disappoint my dad. I'm angry that I had to have my dad's cousin to make my prom dress. I'm angry that I had to ask someone to prom.

"I'm angry that my mom blames herself for me being overweight. I'm angry that when I see pictures of myself I just want to rip them up," she says. "I'm angry, just angry."

Jillian says the exercise was the turning point of her life. "It is so much easier to just keep that all in and put a smile on and say that nothing bothers you when really it's killing you on the inside," she says.

Nancy says hearing Jillian broke her heart. "She's always had a weight problem ever since she was a little baby, and I always tried to make it better for her or ignored her," she says.

Together, the family is working together to make a positive change in all their lives. Nancy says they've started grocery shopping as a family and want to start exercising together. They've also started communicating more honestly with one another— something Matthew says he never used to do. "Jillian gets frustrated with me because I do that. Sometimes she wants to talk and it's hard for me to open up like that," he says. "It's gotten a lot better since we've gone through this intervention. Jillian and I talked a little bit more."
FROM: Obese Families in Crisis: The Intervention
Published on January 26, 2009
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