4 Healthy Lifestyle Choices
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Family practitioner Dr. Michael Cutler helps people from around the country lose weight, get off medications for chronic illnesses and heal their bodies through his 90 Days to True Health program. He shares some elements of his program that will shift you into a lifestyle that can help you become physically and mentally healthy.
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Walk Every Day
Dr. Cutler says a daily walk can transform your life. Not only is walking an easy way to get exercise into your daily routine, but it also has a positive impact on your mental health as well, he says. "Walking does more than just give you a little cardiovascular exercise—walking gives you a boost in feeling, and the feeling is what you carry with you the rest of the day," he says. "You feel like you have accomplished something to honor yourself and this body you have been given is a gift. So, when you feel good, you choose to make choices in your food, how you treat others and how you speak, which translates into health."
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Eat More Raw and Whole Foods
Eating healthy doesn't only mean cutting back on fat and reducing the amount of sugar you eat, Dr. Cutler says. It's also important to eat more wholesome, nonprocessed and nonheated foods. "Eat maybe 50 percent, at a minimum, raw food," he says. "Raw foods are high in water content, high in fiber and high in micronutrients."
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Try a Detox Cleanse
If you want to have more energy and feel healthier, talk with your doctor about trying a five- to 10- day liquid cleanse, using water or a special lemonade drink, Dr. Cutler says. "As we stop eating food for several days, by Day 3, what happens in a cleanse is things are released into the bloodstream and they start coming out through the skin or through the digestive tract," he says. "The liver is working now much more effectively because it is not burdened by food. So people will ... feel better after [and have more energy]."
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Reduce Stress
You can lower your blood pressure and reduce emotional and physical pain by lowering your stress, Dr. Cutler says. He offers these stress-reducing suggestions:

  • Listen to music that calms you and makes you feel peaceful.
  • Practice slow, deep breathing.
  • Share your feelings and emotions with a close friend.
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