August's 4 Must-Have Beauty Products

Eyeliners in crayon box colors, a bouquet of body sprays, mascaras with staying power and more.
Curling Champ
Photo: Marko Metzinger/Studio D

Curling Champ

One of the best ways to emphasize your eyes is by curling your lashes. Time pressed, I almost never do. Recently I tried the new B-leve B-flirty Eyelash Curler, and I couldn't B-leve the difference it made. The curler has a wide rim fitted with a spongy pad that captures all your lashes at once and gives them a uniform upsweep. With a five-second pump of the curler and a couple of coats of mascara, I get the kind of lashes that really do make my eyes look bigger. This curler is a winner!

  • B-leve B-flirty Eyelash Curler, $7
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