6 Thanksgiving Turkey Sandwiches You'll Look Forward to
Turkey works well with so many flavors, it's a shame to stop at lettuce and tomatoes, says Jeff Mauro, host of Food Network's Sandwich King and creator of these tasty recipes for leftovers.
the jerk turk sandwich
The Jerk Turk Sandwich
Jeff Mauro rubs a potent Jamaican jerk spice blend on the meat before grilling. "Mango's cooling sweetness helps balance the spiciness of the jerk," he says.

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greek turkey pita
Greek Turkey Pita Sandwich
This Greek-inspired sandwich his heavy on cucumber and lettuce, but there's one essential step that makes it sing: "Don't skip grilling the pita," says Mauro. "The heat makes it pliant and fragrant."

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turkey banh mi
Turkey Banh Mi Sandwich
Mauro's twist on banh mi, the Vietnamese sandwich, substitutes turkey for the more traditional roast pork and pâté.

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citrus turkey salad wrap
Citrus Turkey Salad Wrap
This tangy wrap gets its flavor from mandarin oranges, and has plenty of texture thanks to roasted peanuts. "I love adding nuts to a sandwich," says Mauro. They deliver phenomenal texture without getting soggy."

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italian turkey melt
Italian Turkey Melt Sandwich
If you can't find focaccia for this cheesy delicacy, substitute ciabatta rolls and brush olive oil on the cut sides.

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cranberry bbq turkey sandwich
Cranberry Barbecue Turkey Sandwich
Knock out multiple Thanksgiving leftovers in a single sandwich. "Cranberries, fried onions, Turkey—these are familiar fall favorites," Mauro says. "But combining them with a barbecue sauce takes them in a new direction."

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