The Calm Person's Guide to Handling a Crowded Kitchen
All those people offering to "help" won't stress you out...if you follow these smart suggestions.
Making a salad
Give Them the Un-Screw-Up-Able Salad
It's hard to ruin a salad. A loaf of bread can really only be sliced a few different ways, and all of them are totally fine. Boiling potatoes until they're just tender, though, or searing pork chops without overcooking them may be a little trickier. Amanda Hesser, who cofounded the online food community with Merrill Stubbs, says when she's hosting a dinner party, she decides in advance which tasks she'll handle (e.g., testing for doneness) and which she can assign (aside from tearing lettuce leaves and cutting a baguette, almost anyone can wash produce, arrange a cheese plate, set the table and put some flowers in a vase).