Throw the Perfect Party
Party-planning diva Katie Brown, author of Katie Brown Entertains, has helped thousands host the perfect soiree. Use her tried-and-true tips to throw the perfect dinner party of your own!
How to Throw the Perfect Party
  • Don't over-do it. If you let your imperfections show, your guests will feel more comfortable.
  • Pay attention to mood. Think about the music, lighting, and where you're placing the food throughout the house so the party flows and the guests still have a place to land.
  • Do enough "pre-game" preparation. Anything you can do ahead of time is going to make you that much more at ease.
  • Serve dinner in a timely manner. It is inappropriate to have your guests arrive and wait hours for their meal. Serve dinner within 30-45 minutes of their arrival.
  • Avoid heavy-handed management. Don't force introductions and conversations. The party will flow organically. Let surprises happen.
  • Use off-beat party starters. When guests arrive, put them to work, filling ice buckets, pouring drinks and helping with other last-minute tasks—it helps guests mingle. Serving dinner buffet-style is another informal way to keep the party moving and people talking.


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