Throw a Heartfelt Baby Shower
Plan a party that celebrates life
When designing a baby shower, be sure to create an atmosphere that celebrates life. The day should be fun and festive. This means that everything down to the invitations you make or buy should reflect the spirit of the shower. One idea would be to create invitations with the baby picture of the mom-to-be on the cover with a message that reads, "This little baby is all grown up and having a baby of her own!"

Another idea is to send plastic baby bottles to your guests with the invite inside that says, "Come join us for a drink to shower (the mom) and her new baby with lots of love." Or simply create an invitation using some inspirational verses or a poem about motherhood. These creative ideas are sure to shower your party with a little life and love.
Serve minifoods
At the baby shower serve food in miniaturized or "baby-ized" versions and serve all the drinks in baby bottles. Petite fours, canapés and mini crust-less sandwiches are a few ideas.
Use a pamper party theme
Create the shower with a "pamper party" theme. All women need to be pampered, and at a baby shower, the mom-to-be sure could use a bit of this. Offer manicures, tarot reading or seated massage at the shower. Remember this is a day to celebrate being a woman, and taking care of ourselves is an important lesson for all.
Create a baby-themed CD
Create a CD with all songs that have the word "baby" in them. You can copy it and give it to the guests as a party favor.
Make napkin rings
Make paper napkin rings from great quotes about babies, friendship, family and child-raising.
Decorate with flowers and flair
Decorate with flowers and flair. Use piggy banks as vases and baby bottles too. Create a bouquet boutique, and give all guests a beautiful bouquet as they leave the shower.
Pick a color scheme
Pick a color for the shower. If you know the baby's sex, use that as a place to start. If it's a boy, everything is blue; pink if it's a girl.
Play games!
Play games! Have a few baby bottles filled with something ready to drink. Start a timer…the person who is done drinking first is the winner. Dads love this game, and the mother-to-be will get a kick out of it too.
Play a game with pacifiers
Give out mini pacifier necklaces with instructions to try to trick the other attendees into losing their necklaces by getting them to say the word "baby." Watch as creative partygoers engage women in seemingly harmless conversation like, "Do you have any children?" or "What year was your first child born?" You'll be amazed at how this always leads to women absentmindedly uttering the word "baby." One or two partygoers will end up with 15 pacifiers around their necks.
Ask guests to bring a baby photo
At the shower, have your guests each bring a baby picture of themselves. Pass around the photos, and see which guests can match the person at the shower with the baby picture. Whoever gets the most right is the winner.