Halloween cocktails
Photo: Derek Bobek
Cocktails                                             Appetizers
Witches CaldronWitch's Cauldron
Everyone will want to sip on this bewitching martini.
Bandaged FingersBandaged Fingers
Gross out your guests with a Halloween twist on pigs in a blanket.
Oprah's R.I.P.
Wake the dead and toast the living with this pumpkin-flavored cocktail.
Candy Corn PizzaCandy Corn Pizza
This cheesy pizza is the perfect crowd-pleaser at a party.
Tangled WebTangled Web
Plastic spiders are a great garnish for this dark and tasty drink.

Chedder EyeballsCheddar Eyeballs
Whip up some glaring eyeballs, which pair perfectly with cocktails.
Blood ThirstyBlood Thirsty
Vampires will delight in this to-die-for martini.
Ghostly White CakeGhostly White Cake
Impress your guests with a fancy cake that's white as a ghost.
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