All-Clad mixing bowl

Mixing Bowls
To make an outstanding omelet, you need more than the proper technique and a love of eggs; you also need the right tools.

Omelet masters use a small, sturdy, stainless steel mixing bowl, like this one from All-Clad, to whip the eggs in.

$130 for a set of three bowls in different sizes;
Calphalon nonstick pan


A Nonstick Pan
Use a nonstick pan so you don't waste time scraping eggs off the bottom. Chef Emile Castillo of Norma's, the breakfast mecca at New York City's Parker Meridien, likes this 8-inch Calphalon.


"Egg Man" Bob Spitz uses All-Clad's 7-inch MC2.

$70; for stores
Kitchenaid silicone spatula

The Spatula
A silicone spatula, like this one from KitchenAid, helps you nudge the egg mixture to the center of the pan so it cooks more quickly—without scraping the nonstick surface. You can also use the spatula to flip the omelet onto a plate.



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