Dr. Mehmet Oz
For more than a decade, British chef Jamie Oliver has been trying to get people around the world to cook simple, healthy meals. His stripped-down style of cooking led to his nickname, "The Naked Chef," and thrust him into the public eye as a TV celebrity. Since then, he's worked not only as a chef, but also as a philanthropist and community leader, working to reform the school lunch program in England.

Dr. Oz talks with Jamie about his career and his latest project as a judge on Oprah's Big Give. Plus Jamie offers advice to anyone who wants to cook and eat better:

  • Anyone can be a cook. Jamie says there are about 10 techniques you need to know—from stewing to stir frying—in order to be able to cook anything.
  • Find a local butcher. "Ask him what the local stuff is, ask him how to cook it," Jamie says.
  • Buy the right tools. "Buy not just the cheap stuff, [but] something that will last you a lifetime—a proper chopping board, a pestle and mortar that will never break [and] thick bottom pans," he says.
  • Eat at the table with your family. Not only will eating at the table inspire you to cook your family a delicious meal, but Jamie says it will also bring your family closer together. "You can argue, you can cry, you can dream, you can talk about school [at the dinner table]," he says.
  • Stock your cupboard. From oils and spices to vinegars and soy sauce, Jamie says you should spend $100 every year or so to stock up on nonperishable supplies. "That's the best investment you do in your kitchen," he says. "Get the stuff that won't go off, that can sit there and that will flavor. Get it in your cupboard and then use your imagination."