The Best Food in San Francisco
Gayle King and Marcia Gagliardi
When it comes to having a passion for food, Gayle has met her match in Marcia Gagliardi, creator of a San Francisco restaurant review website,*. Marcia shares with Gayle some items from the menus of her favorite San Francisco restaurants.
Acme baguette and farmers' market tomatoes
Farmers' markets are the go-to place for many San Francisco chefs. These organic heirloom tomatoes with arugula are fresh from the market and topped with homemade mozzarella cheese from Bix restaurant. They're served with a San Francisco sourdough baguette from the Acme Bread Company.
Grilled cheese
This grilled cheese sandwich, one of San Francisco's best, is from Hog Island Oyster Company. It is made with the Cowgirl Creamery's Mezzo Secco, cave-aged Gruyère and fromage blanc cheese and served with house-made pickled vegetables. 
Dynamo maple apple bacon doughnut
Dynamo Donut, a local doughnut maker, is known for its unique flavors, like this maple apple bacon doughnut!
The Slanted Door spring roll
The Slanted Door restaurant's signature spring roll is made with shrimp, pork, mint and is served with peanut sauce. This is a traditional Vietnamese dish.
Golden Star tea
Golden Star White Jasmine Sparkling Tea is a new drink made in the San Francisco area, and Marcia says it pairs well with food and is an alternative to sipping on alcohol.
Town Hall butterscotch pudding
Town Hall restaurant offers this butterscotch pudding topped with butter brittle and a little chocolate surprise. Marcia says Town Hall serves great fried chicken too.
Kara's Cupcakes
Desserts from Kara's Cupcakes are the perfect ending to any meal. They are made with organic ingredients from local producers and they passed Gayle's cupcake taste test!

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