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Have a Summer Fling with Your Partner
Remember the infatuation phase of your relationship, before the hassles, the baggage, the drama? Take a stay-cation from all that with some 92°-in-the-shade romantic enthusiasm. If you ignite the passion fuse, I'll bet your partner will eagerly reciprocate. It might just extend to an Indian summer of love.

Create your summer alter-ego. Break out your more sexy self, starting with flirting and blatant innuendo. Dig into the back of your lingerie drawer and reinstate your more revealing and fabulous items. Add a little surprise, like a bikini-top under your button-up. Drop little hints throughout the day such as, "Nice shirt. I look forward to taking it off later." And "That's a well-placed freckle. Got any more hidden away?" These are even more effective when delivered in a whisper, especially in a room crowded with friends or family and bustling, rowdy kids. Make your fling an exciting secret between the two of you.

Be adventurous, passionate, steamy. Keeping each other guessing ups your hormone rush. Anticipation increases the production of dopamine, whose mission is to keep excitement at a fever level. It's like a snowball effect (except snow is cold, and this is hot). You feel increasingly, mysteriously, magnetically attracted to each other.

Make an escape plan. Flings tend to happen on vacation, away from the dreary pressures of daily life. So rent a convertible for a day or hop a train away to a secluded location. Take a walk, hold hands, make out under a tree—whatever! If privacy's your thing, create a cabana in your backyard. It's like the tent-fort you made as a kid, only this one's for adults. Splurge on a pile of magazines, books and newspapers to read while sipping colorful cocktails and feeding each other frozen grapes. Slip a few suggestive notes in between the pages, the fun-to-find kind that say, "There's nothing else I'd rather be doing right now... well, maybe one thing!" Or "I love the way your neck smells."


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