Shrimp Dumplings   Shrimp Dumplings Chicken Satay   Chicken Satay
Protein-Packed Grilled Cheese   Protein-Packed Grilled Cheese      Pesto Crostini   Pesto Crostini
Pancakes   Pancakes (with Sweet Potato)            Scrambled Eggs   Scrambled Eggs (with Cauliflower)

Oprah, Jessica Seinfeld and Ali Wentworth roast a chicken   Seriously Basic Roasted Chicken Chicken Soup   Chicken and Rice Soup
Pasta with Pea Pesto   Pasta with Pea Pesto         Slow Cooker Lasagna   Crock-Pot Lasagna
Turkey Tacos   20-Minute Turkey Tostadas Simple steak dinner   Simple Steak Dinner 
Quesadillas   Quesadillas (with Butternut Squash) Italian Meatloaf   Italian Meatloaf (with Carrot)
Chicken Nuggets   Chicken Nuggets (with Broccoli)     Macaroni and cheese   Macaroni and Cheese (with Butternut Squash or Cauliflower)
Chocolate Cake   Chocolate Cake (with Beets) Brownie   Brownies (with Carrot and Spinach)