The Exhausted Woman's Guide to Dinners in 30 Minutes or Less
No multi-step recipes or long ingredient lists—just smart ideas for getting supper on the table whether you've got a half hour or just five minutes.
If you've got 30 minutes...
Let preseasoned sausage do the work. Sweet or hot Italian links may be a summertime grilling staple, but they also deserve kudos for how easily they transform into flavorful patties. Since the meat is already seasoned, all you have to do is remove the casings, form the pork into burgers, brush with oil and grill over moderate heat until browned and crusty, about 5 minutes per side. While the burgers cook, sauté a bag of baby spinach with garlic in olive oil for a fresh-tasting topping. Toasted ciabatta rolls will soak up the juices.