Homemade Pop-Tarts and 5 More Portable Breakfasts
These delicious, healthy and nonmessy morning repasts give bananas and hard-boiled eggs a run for their money.
Toaster Pastries
Grown-Up Pop-Tarts
Lately, foodie versions of the foil-wrapped breakfast treats are everywhere, with bakeries selling them stuffed with ingredients that are both familiar (brown sugar and apricot jam) and not so much (jalapeño cream cheese?). Making your own is easy and fun, especially if you follow Alana Chernila's simple recipe. Fill the treats with seasonal jam, such as Meyer Lemon Blackberry Marmalade from Valerie Confections or Cherry Lime Preserves from Rare Bird Preserves (no high-fructose corn syrup or artificial flavor here); they'll last for up to three weeks.

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