Ultimate Guide to Planning Children's Parties
Expert party planner Debi Lilly shares her practical, creative and inspiring ideas for five themed children's parties, each one full of personality and fun.
Butterfly party decoration
Butterfly Party
The key to decorating for a butterfly party is to use natural elements that you can add/attach butterflies to:
  • Buy wheatgrass at the local grocery store
  • Grow your own wheatgrass a few weeks before the party
  • Gather branches from trees in your yard and put them in a vase
"The most fun thing to do for food is to keep everything small and bite-size," Debi says. To make food feel special, use cookie cutters to turn sandwiches into fun shapes, like a butterfly or leaf. For an added touch, cut out a different shape on the top slice of the sandwich to let the filling shine through.

As with food, make sure drinks are small enough for kids to "grab and go." Not only does this make things easier, but it's also better for your budget. You can also buy butterfly-shaped sippy cups that children can take home as favors.

To help children transform into a new character, have an "enchanted butterfly" greet children by giving them their own set of wings to wear during the party and set up a station for face painting. You can also hire a balloon artist, which Debi says is always a hit, to make balloon butterflies, antennae and big flowers.