Philip Stein Teslar Watch

Philip Stein Teslar Watch
Madonna gave Oprah this hip, colorful watch with six different bands. And it's not only fashionable, it's good for you too! A special chip in the watch emits a signal that they claim helps you sleep better, feel less stress and increase your energy!

Available starting at $595 at Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale's and Saks Fifth Avenue. For more information, visit
Sony Handycam

Sony DCR-DVD200 Handycam
Use a DVD to record video, take out the DVD, and pop it into your player. Voila! Instant home movies.

For more information, visit
DELL™ 30" Wide-screen LCD TV

DELL™30" Wide-screen LCD TV
This TV's thin design saves space and the HD-ready, wide screen format provides an excellent movie and digital television experience.

Available for $1,349 at
Judith Ripka Two Necklaces

Judith Ripka Two Necklaces
Feel lucky as a leprechaun with this stunning sterling silver, 18-carat gold and diamond choker.

Available for $600 at Also available at Saks and Nordstrom.

SONY VAIO® FJ Notebook
The Sony VAIO® laptop computer comes with a built-in DVD player that allows you to play DVDs and CDs, as well as create your own. A camera and a microphone are built directly into the notebook, so you can videoconference your friends and family around the world!

Available at the suggested retail price of $1499.99. For more information, visit
Burberry Coat

Burberry Coat
Medium-length duffel coats made of fine Italian wool feature toggle fasteners and a hood. Wrap yourself or someone you love in one of eight great colors.

Available for $690 at
Burberry Purse

Burberry Purse
This stylish leather shoulder bag features the world famous Burberry plaid. Made in Italy.

Available for $695 at


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