Ted Allen Transforms Your Dinners with Just One Ingredient
The host of the Food Network's Chopped and author of In My Kitchen transforms weeknight meals in the simplest way possible.
Roast Chicken
Serve it with chimichurri, the Argentine condiment that's made from herbs, garlic, oil, and vinegar. I add roasted jalapeños and red wine to mine for extra punch, and I use it on steak, too.
Add diced portobello or cremini mushrooms. They bring a great flavor to the meat, and the moisture they add is especially helpful if you're making turkey burgers, which tend to be dry.
Mac and Cheese
Try using gruyére—it's a wonderful melting cheese with a nutty flavor. I also mix in a few spoonfuls of dijon mustard and top with bread crumbs and fresh Parmesan before baking. That's the best part.
"Instead of glazing the meat with the traditional ketchup before or after baking, warm up a good salsa with chipotle and slather on top, which will add a fresher, smokier taste to the dish.
Pickled veggies
Pork Chops
Giardiniera, the spicy pickled veggies you buy in jars, are great with pork. Brown a few chops on the stove, then pour a jar of giardiniera into the pan, liquid and all, and simmer. Cook until medium, ten to 15 minutes.

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