No Packing Necessary!
Can't go on vacation? Bring the vacation to you! These activities, themes and recipes will send you on a trip around the world.
Have a party with a Brazilian theme.
Inspiration can be found all over Brazil—from its beach-lined coast to its diverse cities heavily influenced by music and dance. Brazilians are known for their beauty, passion and love of sports—but if there's one thing they love more than soccer, it's partying!

Setting the scene: Get great decorating inspiration from the biggest bash in Latin America—Carnival! Recreate the street festival scene by incorporating tropical colors. Or, choose bold green and yellow, the colors of the Brazilian flag. You could also strew brightly colored sarongs across chairs to bring the beach feel indoors.

Activities: Brazilians like to incorporate music into every aspect of their daily lives—so make sure your party has plenty! The samba—one of the world's most famous dances—originated in Brazil, so make sure to have plenty of space for a dance floor. Play traditional samba music or add variety with a few bossa nova songs for a different vibe.

Food: Go all out with a Brazilian barbecue, called a churrasco. Use large wooden skewers to cook your favorite cut of meat on a charcoal grill. Serve with a traditional Brazilian side dish of black beans, empanadas and fried yucca.

Drink: Serve your guests caipirinha, a lime and sugar cane drink that packs a punch. After dinner, break out a strong cup of Brazilian coffee.

Party favor: Make sure your guests bring the party home by giving them their own Carnival mask personalized with bright feathers and sequins.