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Much like the famous paintings hanging in the Louvre, the French make socializing and eating an art form. From the rustic French countryside to the hustle and bustle of city streets, this enchanting European delight has a bit of everything. Viva la France!

Setting the scene: To bring a touch of Parisian architecture into your home, decorate with posters of famous French landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe or the Louvre. Try placing French lavender throughout your home to fill the air with the unmistakable sweet scent of the countryside. And, what French-inspired party would be complete without featuring the fleur-de-lis? Look for linens embroidered with the mark, or accent napkin rings by adding one on top.

Activities: While soccer is a big sport throughout Europe, few countries are as known for cycling as France. Before your big dinner, you could have your own—more leisurely—version of the Tour de France in your neighborhood. (Winner gets out of washing dishes!)

Food: The French know food, and they know it well. Set up a crepe bar complete with sweet and savory fillings. You can also make the classic, coq au Vin, quiche or fondue. For dessert, crème brûlée!

Drink: Champagne, wine, pastis (aniseed-flavored aperitif) or cognac.

Party favor: Send your friends home with their own berets, some flaky croissants and one of France's famous "stinky cheeses."